Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome and Surgery

In September, my son (will be 10 months) is going to have a Tethered Spinal Cord Release Surgery.

The sign was his crooked butt crease found at 1 month checkup, which I couldn't even notice it O_o

A tethered spinal cord is a spinal cord that is fastened to the spinal canal, while the spinal cord normally floats free inside the spinal canal.

“A tethered cord is often diagnosed as a "low conus." The conus medullaris (or lower termination of the spinal cord) normally terminates at or above the L1-2 disk space (where L1 is the first, or topmost lumbar vertebra). After about 3 months of age, a conus below the L1-2 disk space may indicate a tethered cord and termination below L3-4 is unmistakably tethered. Cord tethering is often assumed when the conus is below the normal L2-3 level.”

My son had a MRI checkup at 5 months of age and the termination was at L3, unmistakably tethered… fortunately with no terminal lipoma.

He has no symptoms yet but as children grow (with this condition), 50% may have several symptoms: back pain, leg pain, urinary irregularities, etc… Therefore, early surgery is recommended, or the improvement will be difficult when they start to have the symptoms.

To remove any fear factor, I thought I should better not wait.

His doctor explained, the surgery is very simple (about 1.5 hour). He needs to cut his back for about 3cm (about an inch) to release the tethered cord. The scar will be very thin as he grows up.

Follow-up MRI visits will be needed since the spinal cord does have the potential to re-tether after surgery.

BTW, I was taking folic acid before and during the pregnancy. My doctor said it is nothing to do with lack of it...

If you know anything about this surgery or any good article about this surgery let me know.

Please do not write anything under my cooking posts~ because I know some people don’t like it. I will check comments here or the related ones.

I hope my son could have the surgery as scheduled :)


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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Trick to No-Fail Thick and Fluffy Japanese Pancakes (NO EGG) - Video Recipe

Crisp outside, fluffy and moist inside. Super delicious!!!

The Trick to No-Fail Thick and Fluffy Japanese Pancakes (NO EGG)

The trick to no-fail thick and fluffy pancakes is Morinaga's Hot Cake Mix!!! It is a very popular product known for many years. Even if you mix in a circular motion, you can make a thick pancake. Perfect for kids to cook.

Btw, not sponsored. LOL Don’t take me wrong. I know you don’t want to waste time to fail, so I am sharing this with you instead of the from scratch video. VERY EASY as you can see.

It is our culture using the Hot Cake mix. You can find it at Japanese grocery stores or online for sure!

Hot Cake Mix is versatile. You can make cakes, cookies, muffins, or any kind of sweets :D I will show you how to make them someday!

The pancake molds I used ふんわりホットケーキ型:

The Trick to No-Fail Thick and Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min
Number of servings: 2 9cm/3.5inch Muffin Rings (Cercle)

1 (150g) Morinaga Hot Cake Mix (flour)
160ml milk
1/2 tsp. vinegar *vinegar makes the cake even fluffier
cooking oil
Morinaga cake syrup (maple syrup)

1. Mix cake mix, milk, and vinegar. Do not over mix, some lumps are okay.
2. Grease the cake rings and a frying pan with cooking oil. Pour batter to about half full. Cover and cook on low for 10 minutes. Flip them over, cover, and cook on low for 5 minutes.
3. Check for doneness with a skewer. Remove from the cake ring and serve on a plate. Place a piece of butter on top and pour some cake syrup.

You can wrap in a plastic wrap and freeze to eat later.
Microwave for a minute and you can enjoy fresh and fluffy pancake :)


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NO BAKE Rainbow Soymilk Cheesecake (appetizing pastel color) - Video Recipe

Just mix 6 ingredients + food colorings ;)

NO BAKE Rainbow Soymilk Cheesecake

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min + cooling time
Number of servings: 18cm (7inch) cake pan with a removable bottom or muffin rings are OK

200g (1 cup) cream cheese *room temperature
5 tbsp. granulated sugar
200ml soy milk *room temperature
60g (2.1oz.) biscuits
30g (2.5 tbsp.) butter *room temperature
6g (1 tbsp.) gelatin powder
2 tbsp. hot water
Wilton Icing Gel Colors

1. Smash the biscuits in a Ziploc bag, add butter, then mix well. Press firmly into a cake pan or muffin rings.
2. Put cream cheese and sugar in a bowl, then mix well. Add soy milk and mix well. You can add lemon juice and/or vanilla extract if you want.
3. Mix gelatin and hot water, then add and mix well.
4. Divide it into 5 small bowls, then mix in your favorite icing colors.
5. Pour it into the pan from the center then cool in the fridge until firm for 2 hours. (You may want to cool the mixture slightly not to blur the colors.)


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